Accurate and Fair
Pricing Information

Get an Accurate Price Quote for our Drainage Services

Get a price quote from Ag Tech Drainage, and be confident that it will be very accurate and fair; our quotes are based on data that we collect using GPS-based survey equipment. We also work in all kinds of weather conditions; bad weather will not adversely affect the quote you have been given.

Things that Determine Your Final Price

1. Size of Tile
We want to give the most economical design possible. Tile that are too small won't leave any room for future tilework, and tile that are too large can be expensive and unnecessary. We use high-tech equipment and software to determine the tile size needed. Trust in our 30+ years of experience!

2. Quantity of Tile
Because we believe in the importance of proper drainage, we encourage our customers to tile completely by offering discounts on volume tile purchases. We'll also give the opportunity to lock in the price and take advantage of the current prices before they increase as well as reserve a spot in our field schedule. The price increase dates typically change annually, so check back for the dates on when the prices will increase.

3. Depth of Installation
Our goal is to stay as efficient as possible so that we can pass on as much of the savings as possible to our customers. That's why we only use the best equipment and hire team members with a great deal of experience.

Trust Our 30+ Years of Experience in Providing Quality Drainage Services

In addition to our 30+ years of experience in providing drainage services and the insight gained through many successful farming operations, we also have the best equipment in the industry.

We use GPS controlled Inter-Drain parallel link plows, which provide the best grading ability. They also offer the best ability to pull tile from 3-inch to 15-inch dual wall and to install at depths of 8 feet without cuts. (We are also able to go much deeper). We carry all of our boots with us on the job so that we can install the best system possible.