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Brad & Amy Herickhoff, Owners


"We do it better and faster and with more personability than anyone else..."
Brad Herickhoff, owner ATD



Providing accurate pricing information to our customers is of the utmost importance to us.

Ag Tech Drainage gives a quote based on the type of data collected with GPS survey equipment, so we can be very accurant with the quotes we provide to our customers. In addition, our quotes are NOT dependent upon weather conditions. We are able to work in all kinds of weather conditions without it adversely affecting the price we've quoted you!

There are three things that determine your final price:

1.) Size of Tile
With the data collected, we will give you the best and most economical design possible. Using tile that is too small won't accommodated future work and tile too large is unneccessary. That is why we use only the best equipment and software available - always keeping your best interest in mind. With 30 plus years of experience, we always guide our customers down the right road.

2.) Quantity of Tile
Ag Tech Drainage is very happy to pass on savings to customers that want to drain properly. We encourage our customers to tile completely by discounting on volume. Our intention is not to oversell you, but make you happy when the job is completed. Therefore, we offer you a chance to lock in your price. This allows you to take advantage of prices before they increase and gives you a place in our field schedule. These dates change typically change yearly, so please check this web-site for dates on price increases.

3.) Depth of Installation
We try to pass on as much of the savings to our customers as possible and work hard to stay as efficient as possible. We know that having the right equipment for the job and the kind of experience we have in the field can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Not only does ADT have the experience of 30-plus years in drainage along with the insight of many successful farming operations, but we have also aquired the best equipment the industry has to offer. We use GPS controls on our Inter-Drain plows. Our plows are parallel link plows, which offer the best ability to grade with the ability to pull tile from 3-inches to 15-inch dual wall and the ability to install depths of 8-feet without cuts. (We also have the ability to go much deeper.) We carry all of our boots with us to ensure that we design the system you need, not what is easiest for us.




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